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Mauro Gagliega

Keller Sports: User Interface & Graphic Design

Keller Sports is the leading sports e-commerce provider, operating in over 10 countries across Europe and bringing to your hands the very best brands such as Nike, Adidas, The North Face and many more!
I was brought up as Graphic Design Manager in June 2015 to oversee the Graphic and User Interface design, for the lunch of the new company's OSX Application and the complete reboot of the new desktop website. 
The company wanted a cool and minimalist approach that reminded the customers of great brands such as Apple, with elegant and lasting appeal. The colors needed to inspire freshness and happiness, with bright hues of cyan, green, and ranges of red.

A lot of sleepless nights have followed to complete the tight deadline of 3 months before moving to the phase 2 of refining, and the always needed reiteration dictated by A/B Testings and users' response.