Mauro Gagliega's Portfolio
Mauro Gagliega

CupoNation: Graphic & Motion Design

CupoNation is the leading online platform that enables users to discover the best opportunities to save from all stores and brands across all categories from anywhere around the globe, operating in 18 countries.

I came aboard CupoNation GmbH located in Munich in March 2014 and starting off as an Intern, I quickly built up a reputation for speed and quality. Most of the Graphic Design required was creation of banners, image editing, infographics, and a few times I partecipated and gladly helped in the creation of some some short videos for the company. 
My experience in this company was thrilling and amazing to be part of, having great creative freedom and working with remarkable people coming from across the globe.
One of the main difficulties was to incorporate the various linguistic differences into our design, without losing track of the aeshetitcs. A few matrix iterations were needed to better fit with the booming growth of the company and speed up the process even further.