Mauro Gagliega's Portfolio
Mauro Gagliega


Multi-talented and direct, hard-working and fun, only by keeping up with
the latest trends can we entice our customers' ever-changing expectations.


Before diving full-time into a career centered around design, Mauro studied Law in Cagliari. As a child, his dream was to be an artist but over time, he gave into pressure to pursue a more practical path. In a last-ditch bid to reclaim his creative spark, he enrolled in a two-year world-renowned private entertainment arts school in 2009. Intensive, and speedy, it was the best life decision he ever made.

Graduating with honors, he managed to lead the first team of 6 to ever win a Mission Impossible Award for the Visual Effects project Knossos in August 2010. 

Keeping with the spirit of the school and its hunger for knowledge, Mauro continued improving his set of skills by branching off to UX/UI Design while working freelance, where he graduated from Springboard in November 2016.

Working in multiple areas of design, he enjoys the generalist approach to art, finding key areas of connection throughout the mediums and allowing him to help the art department with determination and confidence, allowing companies to step out themselves to the arguably limited possibilities of a tightly specialized environment. 

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I believe in living life to the fullest and grasping the opportunity for a deep-seated dream, even when there is a chance that might lead to some rocky beginnings and sleepless nights.
Stepping out of our comfort zone is just as scary as it is empowering and liberating.
Whether it is about TV shows or the silver screen, I could talk for hours on end about them, analyzing and dissecting every facet, and isn't that a great way to make friends?
And as for what I dislike, sports will make me sleepy, unless it's ice hockey. Go Canucks!